The simple solution
for complex tasks

Seek an innovative way
and get a tailor-made solution.

Jonyx is the software of choice when special needs can't be satisified by standard software.

In collaboration with one of our customers, we have developed a solution for companies that mainly deal with the production and distribution of print media. These companies have specific requirements, which standard systems are unable to fulfill. The few special systems that are available generally address large publishing companies and are not affordable for small and medium-sized publishers, besides being much too complicated and oversized. There is always great potential to automate your processes and make them more cost-efficient. We would like to take advantage of this potential with you.

We offer a flexible and extensible solution that takes all aspects into account. With our software, you can sell ads, create multiple-issue templates, manage addresses and create all the necessary documents and reports. Special features like the ability to create a flat plan in a few minutes time are also available, just as the necessary interfaces to connect our software to existing websites/web forms, store systems and financial systems.

Our goal was to create a way to unite all business processes in one system and simultaneously provide good assistance in the sales and distribution of subscriptions and ads. JONYX therefore replaces a CRM system as well as an ERP system, and a DMS system by providing all the required functions in one place.

JONYX may very well be used in decentralized structures. It is multi-client capable, multilingual and accessible via the Internet. Thus, even remote sales offices can be connected easily.

Since this industry solution also provides the full performance of the JONYX development system, adaptations like changing business models are effectively possible at all times.

Considering the significant automation of processes, a substantial saving can be realized very quickly, and an investment in JONYX will pay itself off after a short period of time.