The simple solution
for complex tasks

Seek an innovative way
and get a tailor-made solution.

JONYX is a solution tool that serves as a framework (Application Framework) to create and operate enterprise software.

The framework itself is still not a finished program, but provides the foundation within which a programmer can develop an application. With JONYX, generated program parts are modular and reusable.

All the basic technology and modules including a workflow system, an authorization system, and the ability to quickly create reports and documents and much more are part of the framework.

JONYX gives us the freedom to create an effective solution that fits 100% to your needs and business processes.

When faced with the prospect of spending enormous amounts of time, money and energy trying to convert existing software into fulfilling an approximation of the required tasks, it is often far preferable to develop something suitable and tailored to your needs.

Our approach requires a clear mission and the will of all parties to deal intensively with the relevant processes and issues. This in return opens up a very large potential in your own processes to get better, faster, and cheaper.